Laminate Flooring Installation

Laminate Flooring Installation

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Your flooring says a lot about you and your home. Sometimes, you need something that is built to last and looks amazing. Nothing can transform your kitchen, living room, or bedroom quite like new, laminate flooring.

Carpet & Flooring Network is among the most experienced laminate floor installers in Tucson. For nearly three decades, we have helped homeowners completely transform their rooms with beautiful laminate floors. If you’re looking for new flooring that is both fashionable and durable, it may be time to consider laminate options.

laminate flooring installation

What Are Laminate Floors ?

Laminate flooring is a combination of special resins, paper layers, fiber core, and a print film used in a solid floor covering. Laminate flooring is known for being extremely durable, as well as scratch and wear resistant. Due to its construction and components, laminate flooring does not stain or fade from sunlight like other types of flooring. To top it off, the finish makes this piece of flooring impact resistant.

Reasons to Consider Laminate Flooring

You may find yourself torn between carpeting, hardwood, or laminate flooring. While there are pros and cons to each, there are a few reasons why some customers prefer laminate flooring over other types:

  • Laminate floors are extremely durable. When compared to hardwoods and carpets, they can generally last longer without needing repairs or replacements, making them a good long-term investment.
  • Customers with children can take advantage of knowing that laminate floors are wear and scratch resistant, helping to preserve your floors from accidents and spills.
  • If you have dogs, laminate floors can greatly reduce scratches and ensure that your flooring holds its value over time.
  • Laminate floors are extremely customizable, making it easy to find a style that fits your home.

How Laminate Flooring Installation Works

Carpet & Flooring Network does things differently than other flooring companies. Rather than having you drive out to a showroom to listen to a sales pitch, we drive directly to you! This allows you save time and instantly see whether a certain style of flooring would look good in your home.

Our method takes the guesswork out of choosing new flooring. Get instant feedback from our representatives and see for yourself what styles you prefer. We make the process of getting new flooring easier than ever. Here’s what you can expect by choosing Carpet & Flooring Network:

  • Consultation: Contact us directly at 520-358-9239 to schedule a time for us to drive to you so you can see our styles and different types of laminates. Our representative will be available to answer any questions you have about the laminate installation process.
  • Installation: Usually the day after your consultation, our professional laminate floor installers will get to work, often finishing the same day.
  • Follow Up: Within a few business days, our team will be in contact with you to make sure you are satisfied with your new flooring. We will answer any questions you have regarding maintenance and warranty, as well.

Professional Laminate Floor Installers in Tucson

Your Local carpet & flooring Servicing

Carpet & Flooring Network is dedicated to helping Tucson homeowners feel at home. We specialize in all types of flooring, ranging from carpeting, hardwood, tile and laminate. Since 1998, we have installed beautiful laminate flooring in Tucson homes because we love what we do.

It’s time to replace that old flooring—choose a company you can trust that has a proven track record of success. Beautify your home and improve the durability of your floors. For a consultation, contact Carpet & Flooring Network directly at 520-358-9239

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